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Lead Acid Replacement

Lithium batteries replace lead-acid, which not only saves battery space and reduces battery weight, but also has a series of advantages such as long life, wide operating temperature range, and support for high-current discharge. Used in RV batteries, lead-acid replacement batteries and other fields.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries perfectly match lead-acid batteries because of their voltage platform and safety performance. In particular, it has a cycle life of up to 4,000 times, which has prompted more and more consumers to abandon lead-acid batteries and use lithium iron phosphate batteries instead.

Communication Backup Power

The market for communication backup power mainly includes two parts. One is that the energy storage of new base stations constitutes an annual increase in the market; the other is that the replacement of existing base station batteries constitutes the basic amount of the annual market. my country Tower announced that it will no longer purchase lead-acid from this year. Considering that the scale of echelon batteries is not enough, there will be a wave of demand for lithium battery procurement and replacement around 2020. In addition, 50,000 to 100,000 new base stations will be built every year, which will bring a demand for lithium batteries of 1.2-2.4GWh. There will be a total battery demand of about 10GWh per year, which will be met by iron-lithium-ion batteries and cascade utilization batteries.

Residential Energy Storage Solutions

Energy Storage Fixed Power Station

The energy storage fixed power station is composed of lithium-ion battery pack, BMS management system, PCS converter system, EMS energy monitoring system, auxiliary system (including temperature control, fire protection, etc.), and is a power station type energy storage system installed in a container. Because the self-discharge of the lithium-ion battery is small, it does not need to be kept in the floating charge state for a long time like the traditional lead-acid battery or nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride battery. The energy storage power station combined with the new energy power generation system becomes a distributed power source of an independent micro-grid. It is suitable for supplying reliable power in areas without or lacking electricity, and it can also provide peak-shifting and valley-filling and peak-shaving and frequency-regulating services for large power grids.

Battery energy storage power stations can be combined with distributed/centralized new energy power generation, which is one of the effective ways to solve the problem of new energy power grid connection. With the increasing scale of new energy power generation and the continuous improvement of lithium-ion battery energy storage technology Development has become a major key technology supporting my country’s clean energy development strategy.

Home Energy Storage System

A home energy storage system is a device that can convert renewable energy such as solar energy and wind energy into electrical energy and store it. Its main role is to increase household self-sufficiency, reduce energy costs, and promote the use of renewable energy.

Features of home energy storage systems include:

  1. High reliability: The home energy storage system uses high-quality battery components, which have high safety and reliability.
  2. Strong flexibility: The home energy storage system can be expanded or upgraded according to actual needs to adapt to changes in home electricity demand.
  3. Easy to operate: The home energy storage system has a friendly man-machine interface and intelligent control functions, making it easy to use.
  4. Energy saving and environmental protection: The home energy storage system can reduce the family’s dependence on traditional energy, reduce energy consumption, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, thereby playing the role of energy saving and environmental protection.

Energy Storage Emergency Power Supply Vehicle

The energy storage emergency power supply vehicle is composed of a lithium-ion battery pack, an inverter, and a battery management system. The inverter directly converts the battery into single-phase and three-phase AC power. Normally, you only need to freely choose the charging period to charge the battery pack. When the battery pack is fully charged, it can be called at any time within one year without floating charge. We can supply 100KW, 1000KW, 5000KW, and megawatt-class mobile emergency energy storage vehicles, which can be used for power supply in the field of national defense and military, civilian disaster relief or large-scale public event venues. It is usually fully charged with low-peak electricity, and is on standby at any time to drive to the destination to deliver power.

Portable Power Station

Outdoor portable energy storage power supply is especially suitable for power supply and charging of mobile communication and emergency equipment; suitable for mobile phones of various brands, TV sets, energy-saving lamps, notebook computers, digital appliances, outdoor office, field photography, outdoor construction, backup power supply, emergency power supply , fire rescue, disaster relief, car start, digital charging, mobile power supply, etc. can also be used in mountainous areas without electricity, pastoral areas, field investigations, travel and leisure, or in cars and boats, and can be used as DC and AC power sources. It has a wide range of uses.

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