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Product Testing System

Residential Energy Storage Solutions

Novae offers integrated energy storage solutions to meet the needs of modern smart homes. PowerTank series are equipped with a high efficiency lithium ion battery, thanks to the energy storage systems households are now the owners of the energy produced from their system, EMS helps deciding the appropriate moment to use it, without wasting a watt.

A home powered by nature

Residential ESS makes green energy 24/7 available in association with the photovoltaic system. ESS stores daytime energy from photovoltaic and makes it available at any time, minimizing electricity purchase from the grid, which results in increased energy self-consumption at home and reduced overall electricity charges.

Main Idea
The company has equipped a large number of testing equipment, replaced manual work with a large number of testing instruments, and introduced a full-process barcode traceability system to ensure that the product can be traced at the component level. IQC has introduced inspection equipment such as copper thickness test, reliability test slicing equipment, and metallographic microscope.
Each line of SMT has introduced AOI detection, off-line SPI tin thickness measurement, high-precision devices have set up online SPI detection, and automatic first article tester. The DIP line is imported into AOI and ICT testing, and realizes real-time networked FT testing to ensure that the product functions are intact and free from defects; at the same time, reliability testing equipment, safety testing, temperature cycle testing, aging testing, and ORT testing are introduced to ensure reliable use of the product worry free.
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